Winners 2018/Beverages Gold

Project: Four Winds Vineyard

Client: Four Winds

Design: Denomination

A family-run winery close to Sydney, Four Winds Vineyard had the chance to attract huge numbers of visitors, but their labelling wasn’t driving the tourism or sales. It simply didn’t communicate the authentic, family-run and local messaging that the brand epitomises.

With over 2,468 Australian wine makers listed in 2016 alone, competition at the shelf was tremendously high. And the only voice Four Winds had was their labelling.

Drawing on their already successful Instagram feed, the new, premium feel labels incorporated photos taken on windy days at the vineyard. The new brand identity and packaging’s authenticity stood out on the shelf, adding colour and real images to counteract the heavy use of graphics by competitors.

Following the radical rebrand, impact was huge. In just 18 months, sales revenue increased by 47.5%, and they’ve employed 11 more members of staff to cope with the increase in demand. Profit is up 136% and off the back of the new packaging success, the owner, Sarah, was chosen as a Future Leader by Wine Australia.