Winners 2018/Beverages Silver

Project: Larios: The mediterranean gin

Client: Maxxium España

Design: Brandhouse

Larios may be Spain’s number one gin brand, but its volume sales had declined by -45% over 10 years. Although brand awareness was high at 89%, levels of consideration were as low as 19%. It had lost 42% of its value. Against the backdrop of a gin market that was growing by 5.5% annually, something needed to be done, urgently.

A comprehensive rebrand dramatically turned things around, with volume sales going into double digit growth in just two years.

To lift the product with authenticity, they looked to its Mediterranean heritage as inspiration. Research showed that the Mediterranean’s big draw was its spirit and rhythm, which informed the lively background pattern and colours inspired by sea, sand, sky and flora help it jump off the shelf.

The rebrand exceeded every target set for it, restoring profitability. For the first time in 10 years, Larios’s value share grew from 21.2% to 22.7% and volume share increased by 0.8%.