Winners 2018/Beverages Silver

Project: Raising the bar for London Beer Lab

Client: London Beer Lab

Design: Elmwood

A small Brixton-based brewery had ambitions of growing their business and creating a home-brewing community. It already had a major point of difference – people can take home the recipes to try themselves. However it lacked a bold identity that would bring credibility to the brand and achieve real cut through in this hugely competitive boutique market.

The solution centred on a new attitude: ‘Craft and Curiosity’, to hone its joy of experimentation and to encourage sharing ideas. An adaptable label that acts as a ‘curiosity canvas’ provides space for people to jot down their feedback and ideas, driving brand engagement.

With a new look and feel, the brewery’s monthly sales increased by 900%. Its workshop attendees jumped by 133%, with average income from these up 169%. Wholesale customers have increased from three repeat accounts to over 40 since launching the new identity and four new staff have been hired to meet growing demand.