Winners 2018/Charity Gold

Project: One Feeds Two

Client: One Feeds Two

Design: The Clearing

What if hunger could feed hunger? This was the question asked by one-man-band, JP Campbell, who would donate a school meal to children in poverty for every soup he sold from his van.

However, to feed more of the 66 million children who go to school hungry each day, he needed buy-in from national businesses – and to achieve that he needed a design that would stand out in the congested charity sector.

A brand-new logo, ‘The Smile’ was created during a brand refresh that challenged the ‘pulling on heartstrings’ tactic commonly associated with charities, and it clearly highlighted how even the smallest actions, such as buying a meal, can have a huge positive impact.

Thanks to a brand rebuild, One Feeds Two has since been adopted by national food and retail partners including Cook. Subsequently, two million school meals have been donated and this figure is expected to rise to six million by 2019.