Winners 2018/Charity Silver

Project: London's Air Ambulance

Client: London's Air Ambulance

Design: The Clearing

Despite helping 2,000 critically injured people each year, London’s Air Ambulance struggled to raise the funds required to save more lives.

With only one helicopter in existence, 63 flying days were forfeited in 2015 due to maintenance, therefore acquiring a second helicopter became a strategic priority. But for a brand that relies on charitable donations, raising an additional £1.2 million per annum for another helicopter seemed an almighty challenge.

A strategic redesign of London’s Air Ambulance’s most iconic asset, its helicopter, was undertaken. The new livery turned the helicopter, as well as the rapid response vehicles, into powerful communications tools maximising awareness of the charity.

Over 11,000 new social media followers were gained during the ‘Your London, Your Helicopter’ campaign, with website visits up 390%. £4.5 million of the £6 million target was raised within three months of the rebrand enabling the purchase of a second helicopter, which is making a life-saving difference to Londoners.