Winners 2018/Charity Bronze

Project: Signposting the journey back to life

Client: Day One

Design: Elmwood

While emergency services are in place to deal with the immediate impacts of trauma, there is often little support to help people through recovery. Yorkshire Trauma Services was created to tackle this problem, but they needed to raise vital funds to make a positive impact on trauma care.   

Getting this funding is no mean feat for a not-for-profit organisation. They needed a strong brand with stand out to cut through the clamour of over 167,000 competing charities. It started with a new name - Day One, chosen because it emphasises the beginning of every patient’s journey - whilst staff and patients’ experiences were made integral to the brand.

The charity has grabbed the attention of the local community and press, as well as other trauma centres across the UK. Since launch they have raised approximately £500,000, and now have a coordinator, funded by a leading law firm, to help with additional fundraising and the process of becoming an independent charity.