Winners 2018/Food Producers Silver

Project: Buttermilk rebrand

Client: Buttermilk Confections

Design: Kingdom & Sparrow

With 80% of their sales coming from products they made for other brands, Buttermilk wanted to make its own brand standalone and drive sales. They also had ambitions of competing on a national scale and for a higher price bracket. 

Buttermilk’s story was great. They had been hand-crafting fudge in potter pans since the 1960s, and their local following was impressive. But their branding and packaging was overly simple and couldn’t communicate the premium messaging. The challenge was to put across luxury and a fun sense of personality at the same time, so a full rebrand was undertaken which, with hand-drawn illustrations and ‘wallpaper’ patterns incorporated onto the side of the packs, achieved a more grown-up, premium feel.

In less than two years, Buttermilk are producing ½ million more boxes of own brand fudge. Their customer database has grown from 1,000 to 30,000 and their confectionary is sold in their target supermarket: Waitrose. What’s more, they now export to 14 countries – that’s compared to just three before the rebrand.