Winners 2018/Food Producers Gold

Project: It's the nuts

Client: Pip & Nut

Design: B&B studio

A bold packaging design that challenges category traditions saw this nut butter company grow from a standing start to £6.3 million in just three years.

Pip & Nut, an all-natural nut butter range, needed to gain funding for production to get the business off the ground, and it needed a strong identity to secure it.

With a plain white background, the branding is fuss-free but made lively thanks to the leaping squirrel whose tail forms part of the P in Pip & Nut. It stands out against the usual earthy tones and landscapes of their competitors.

As part of the secured funding, they had to reach a £180,000 turnover target for year one, but they actually achieved a monumental £600,000, smashing targets by 233%. In fact, they reached their 60-day sales target in just nine days.

It is the fastest growing nut butter brand in the UK, growing 10.5% year-on-year on average, with a presence secured in 3000 stores. The team has grown from two to 13 and the brand is now entering a new category by releasing dairy-free milk in Sainsbury’s.