Winners 2018/Food Producers Bronze

Project: McCain Shake Shake Fries

Client: McCain UK

Design: BrandOpus

McCain is the world's largest producer of chips. Kings of the frozen food aisle, they were entering the £253 million chilled potato market for the first time with new concept Shake Shake Fries.

To ensure success in this new space for the brand, the Shake Shake Fries packaging had to drive distinctiveness from competitors, whilst also delivering a format that would be unique and functional.  

The paper bag design grabs attention and colourful sleeves portray McCain’s brand equities whilst holding the Sea Salt and Cracked Black Pepper, or Spanish Smoked Paprika seasoning sachets. Practical and attractive, the packaging keeps the chips fresh and cool, whilst bringing excitement to mealtimes and enhancing the overall home-dining experience.   

Shake Shake Fries has successfully engaged a new audience, elevating and differentiating the McCain brand. This product has driven 58% of category value growth since its launch, selling over 2.7 million units, with £4.5 million in value sales.