Winners 2018/Food Producers Silver

Project: The Travelling Bee Company

Client: The Travelling Bee Company

Design: DECIDE.

The UK bee population has declined by 45% since 2010, and Mark Chambers is doing something about it with his mobile honey-making bee business. But his business wasn’t sustainable because his honey was failing to secure listings at premium retailers. The honey is high quality and Mark educates community groups about why bees are so important – the story is strong, but the design wasn’t special.

With a new name with a story, a playful illustration, authentic unbleached paper, bright accent colours, witty wording and charming lettering, The Travelling Bee Company has a new brand narrative and premium packaging.

The redesign transformed the business, opening doors to target retailers such as Fenwick Food Hall. Total turnover grew by 565%, and the design investment was returned in just four months. It is now sold by 24 new retailers  – compared to just six before – and there are three new team members to deal with demand.  Mark’s bee numbers are growing too, from 10 colonies to 90 – that’s 4.8 million more bees.