Winners 2018/Household Goods & Home Construction Bronze

Project: Comfort Summer Limited Edition

Client: Unilever Comfort

Design: Coley Porter Bell

A creative packaging design saw Comfort’s 2016 Summer Limited Edition fabric softener outperform previous editions, with the product becoming a permanent SKU in the Comfort Creations Portfolio as a result of its success.  

Comfort’s design had to stand out in a crowded market and the Summer Limited Edition wouldn’t be supported by any Above the Line marketing, so the design had to do all the work to encourage people to buy.

To create a special feel, a target buyer was imagined – a woman who is a delight seeker looking for sensorial pleasure. Drawing on the semiotic codes of Summer glamour fashion, the striking design with its rich visual language, evokes a feeling of happiness that summer typifies.

Of the past three Limited Edition Comfort ranges, this one had the highest return on sales. In fact, its value sales outperformed the previous two limited editions combined and it immediately became the third highest selling Creations SKU.