Winners 2018/Household Goods & Home Construction Gold

Project: Fairy cleans up for P&G

Client: Procter & Gamble

Design: Elmwood

Fairy is well known for its washing up liquid, but for consumers its dishwasher tablets were just another addition on a busy shelf.

But Fairy’s biggest problem was that 80% of consumers couldn’t tell the difference between its good, better and best products in the range. People also don’t want to spend lots of time choosing dishwasher tablets, so the new packaging had to immediately translate the added value in Fairy’s premium products.

The strategy was to elevate the brand to make it the hero. Green became the focus colour and a streamlined brand marque helped to dominate on shelf. New pack navigation icons and a stainless steel design for Fairy Platinum communicated the differences between the range and importantly encouraged trade up.

Following the brand refresh, overall Fairy sales increased by 5.7% in value to £319.3 million. This was driven by a 4.2% improvement in the price mix, with consumers trading up and driving profitability. Fairy now has a 30% share in the auto dishwashing market – quite the opposite of Finish, which saw sales decline by nearly 10%.