Winners 2018/Personal Goods Silver

Project: Sensodyne True White

Client: GSK

Design: Interbrand

Sensodyne is the world's leading sensitivity toothpaste. Increasing consumer interest in teeth whitening has resulted in many customers switching to highly abrasive cosmetic products at the detriment of their teeth. GSK seized the opportunity to create a new super-premium brand that could expertly whiten teeth, whilst leveraging Sensodyne's credentials in sensitivity.

It was to be priced higher than anything else on shelf, so the design needed to work hard to communicate the proposition, make it stand out in the category and justify the price.

The design solution incorporated a 'less is more' philosophy inspired by high-end skincare products. True White's simple, clean packaging complements the whitening proposition and all aspects of the branding were carefully crafted. This brave minimalist approach paid off.

True White made sales of over $25 million in its first year, exceeding target by 10%, and making over $19 million profit. Crucially, True White averaged 2.2 repeat purchases per repeat customer, with 'Brand' and 'Quality' cited as triggers.