Winners 2018/Personal Goods Bronze

Project: Tena Men: Tackling a taboo

Client: Essity

Design: Design Bridge

Despite the aging population driving growth in the incontinence market, the specific male incontinence market was largely untapped. SCA (the TENA parent company) was losing shares, so they had a big ambition to normalise male bladder weakness.

TENA already had a male-specific product, but strong social taboos were hindering its success, even though 1 in 4 men over the age of forty experience bladder weakness. The new packaging needed to be inspiring on the shelf, but also discreet to buy and store at home.

To take away the insecurities and evoke confidence in men, the design was inspired by the automotive industry to convey the sense of being in control and having increased freedom. It is masculine and empowering, projecting TENA as the market leader.

Since the launch, TENA Men has grown by 31%, beating competitors by 4%. It allowed them to increase market share growth by 5%. Significantly, the design has shifted perceptions with an 8% increase in male shoppers.