Winners 2018/Technology Hardware & Equipment Bronze

Project: Kontrol Command - Control Room Consoles

Client: Lund Halsey

Design: LA Design

Lund Halsey is a well-established, successful company that manufactures professional furniture for control rooms, for use in industries such as aviation and broadcasting. It’s a niche and complex market and in 2015, they identified serious potential risks from competitors that could jeopardise the business’s success.

To thwart the risks, the Kontrol Command project was commissioned to create differentiation through design and to define the future of the market. Moving beyond offering function alone, the focus shifted to delivering ‘solid, cool, contemporary, quality’ furniture and extending these values across the business. The final solution has a higher perceived value and reflects the contemporary shapes, colours, lights and materials of the high-tech equipment that sit behind it.  

A 22% increase in turnover was delivered in just 18 months and product delivery time has been reduced by 30%. All original expectations have been met or exceeded and as a result the company has changed its attitude towards design, with industrial design now incorporated more strategically at the early product specification stage.