Winners 2018/Technology Hardware & Equipment Gold

Project: Raspberry Pi Official Case

Client: Raspberry Pi

Design: Kinneir Dufort

The Raspberry Pi is the size of a credit card. It’s a piece of hardware and software that connects to other equipment to become a fully-functioning computer. And it costs just $35. The only part missing was a case.

Raspberry Pi Foundation is a charity aimed at helping people across the world enjoy the power of becoming digital by providing computers and resources to help them learn about computing. They wanted to create a case to help the product appeal to a wider variety of users.

Practical, cheap and aesthetically appealing, the solution is a fun, friendly and sleek design with open access to the connectors on the circuit board.

In just two years, 861,460 Raspberry Pi cases have been sold. The case has not only generated profits of £725,000, it has defined a visual identity for the brand and opened up new ways to use the computer. It demonstrates how potent the addition of design to a technology product can be and a new case for the Pi Zero is being developed off the back of the success.