Winners 2019/ Silver

Project: L'Or

Client: Jacobs Douwe Egberts

Design: Design Bridge

L’OR was a small coffee brand with big ambitions to challenge Nespresso and its dominance of the luxury, in-home coffee experience market.

L’OR was to become the first non-Nespresso brand to offer aluminium Nespresso Compatible Capsules (NCCs), rather than plastic, to leverage opportunity in the strongly growing NCC category. But to truly rival Nespresso and become a global premium brand in its own right – not just a cheaper alternative – L’OR needed a contemporary, brand reinvention.

L’OR’s brand strategy was revisited, along with its pack design and the brand was repositioned to represent unapologetic luxury. The new jewel-toned brand colours, the redesigned aluminium NCCs and the transformed capsule packaging deliver a premium experience.

Following the launch of the NCCs at the end of 2016, L’OR exceeded its annual sales target by 99% in its first year and by 50% in 2018, tripling its business. With an objective to increase global presence from three to 30 markets by 2020, L’OR has smashed its target in half the time. In only 20 months L’OR was present in 36 markets across five continents.