Winners 2019/ Silver

Project: Newby Classic Tea Collection

Client: Newby Teas

Design: Lewis Moberly

Newby Teas is an established player in the top end of the global tea market, but its Classic Tea Collection range – which is sold at nine times the price of a traditional cuppa – was struggling to break into mass UK retailers.

Although the product was highly rated, its design wasn’t reflecting the true quality of the tea and the Collection was being rejected because of a lack of distinction and appeal. A brand redesign was required to relaunch the Collection and to achieve the primary objective of distribution in Sainsbury’s.

The calming new design reflects the art of harvesting tea and the pack’s white background, which allows textile pattern and colour coding to be heroed, has tremendous standout in a sea of highly coloured, competitive packs on shelf.

The Collection’s radical redesign directly helped secure distribution in 500 Sainsbury’s stores. In the first year, global sales increased 72% and across the UK sales were 316% above the level achieved by the old design, despite a 5% price increase. Design fees were recouped within three months of net additional profit.