Winners 2019/ Silver

Project: Oui by Yoplait

Client: General Mills

Design: Pearlfisher

Once a favourite of North American mums, Yoplait had been de-positioned by the popularity of Greek yoghurt, losing 52% dollar share in the U.S. yoghurt category since 2010.

To re-engage female consumers, General Mills was innovating with a new, premium Yoplait product. The sub-brand’s strategy, positioning, naming, tone of voice, identity and packaging design would be key to launching this big, new-to-market idea successfully.

In a sea of sameness in the yoghurt category, Oui by Yoplait’s design breaks the norms. From the sentiment of ‘just saying yes’, to the handwriting, recyclable glass pot, and the unique reveals under the lid, Oui’s packaging design draws on its French roots and creates a moment of discovery and delight, emotionally resonating with consumers.

Oui has been a runaway success. It was the single biggest launch in the yoghurt category in the last five years with over $100 million in sales in year one, surpassing its target by 30%. Bringing new users to the category, household penetration at 12% was double competitors and the design investment was recouped in less than four weeks.