Winners 2023/ Silver

Project: Peter's Yard rebrand

Client: Peter's Yard

Design: B&B studio

Peter’s Yard became a premium player within the savoury biscuit and cracker category following an evolutionary rebrand, and its team has grown from 12 to 17 staff.

Having originally launched into delis and farms shops, a decade-on, the Swedish-inspired UK bakery brand had achieved distribution in mainstream grocery. With ambitions to become the premium brand in the crispbread category, B&B studio was engaged to help Peter’s Yard achieve this.

Spanning creative strategy, visual identity, packaging, messaging, communications, brand world and digital look and feel, a sensitive redesign and refined positioning articulate the crispbread’s compelling point of difference – that Peter’s Yard sourdough is fermented for 16 hours. By communicating how good things take time, the calm, crafted design has enabled Peter’s Yard to stand out on shelf and justify its higher price point, establishing it as the crispbread worth paying more for. 

Peter’s Yard has become the fastest growing brand in the category. Launching into the difficult trading environment of 2020, the new design helped the brand win accounts with Selfridges, Little Waitrose and Sainsbury’s Local. Increasing volume sales 56% in one year against a targeted 20% uplift, the brand also doubled household penetration.

Executed across 24 SKUs, the design enabled six new product launches and brand extension into Savoury Snacks. While the strength of the new branding was pivotal to Lotus Bakeries’ decision to buy the business in 2022.