Winners 2023/ Silver

Project: Poligrip redesign

Client: Haleon

Design: Interbrand London

Poligrip’s distinct new packaging helped the denture fixative to grow its global sales by 11.8%, while the market grew by 7.4%. 

Millions of people rely on denture fixatives to enjoy simple, daily experiences like talking, eating and laughing. But with less socialising happening during the pandemic, fixative usage had dropped 20%. Aiming to capitalise on a post-Covid bounce-back and grow sales 4.7%, 

Haleon commissioned a new pack design for Poligrip, which launched in the US in February 2022 and then across Europe, Russia and Latin America a few months later.  

The design by Interbrand London introduced striking new colourways, along with illustrations of devices such as clocks, chains and padlocks. These reinforce the product’s key attributes around security of hold, food seal, comfort and freshness, improving product understanding and distinctiveness at shelf. The bold design reignited Poligrip’s superiority in the category and in the US market alone, the brand achieved growth of nearly ten times more than the market leader’s 1.1% growth, within only seven months. 

The design came out ahead of the old packaging in research on key metrics such as ‘visibility’, ‘time to find’ and ‘relevance’, and without compromising sales, enabled a 10% price increase. Penetration and trial of the brand were double Haleon’s target. Repeat purchase was 5.3% above plan, while sales exceeded the original objective by 71% and a new higher target by 19%.