Winners 2014/Brand Identity under £100,000 Silver

Project: Kirkstall Brewery

Client: Kirkstall Brewery

Design: WPA Pinfold

The opening of Kirkstall Brewery coincided with the period of deep recession in 2010, a time when beer tax increased and pubs across the UK were closing. The brewery needed to combat both this issue and stiff competition from other microbreweries in their home territory of Yorkshire.

WPA Pinfold helped the craft brewery brand to stand out and trade on the provenance of their name. A new image inspired by both Kirkstall Abbey and the brewing process used by Cistercian monks visually reinforces Kirkstall’s traditional values. Importantly, the higher perceived value of the brand allowed it to retain its price point within the market.

The brand’s identity delivered on all counts, outperforming the market by more than 4,000% and resulting in a 166% increase in sales.  In addition, Kirkstall Brewery’s flagship beer has won the Sainsbury’s Regional Ale award for design and quality.