Winners 2015/Brand Identity under £100,000 Bronze

Project: H.R. Owen Brand Refresh

Client: H.R. Owen

Design: Calling Brands

London’s oldest luxury car dealership H.R. Owen needed to counteract the effects of the financial crisis. It wanted to unite different areas of the business with an experience which employees and clients would be proud to be part of. What began as a simple brand refresh, far outreached its original aims.

Insight showed the brand was unique because of the experience it offers, over the products it sells. The new identity celebrated the brand’s long motoring heritage, whilst positioning H.R. Owen as a luxury experiential brand. The solution focused on increasing customer interaction with a new website and experiential touchpoints displaying a bold visual identity, enabling H.R. Owen to feel like a club of like-minded enthusiasts.

The result? 136% profit growth in two years and the refreshed Jack Barclay Bentley sub-brand achieving the highest used car sales figures globally in 2013. The headline target to double profitability was achieved a year early.