Winners 2015/Brand Identity under £100,000 Silver

Project: Think Vivid!

Client: Vivid Vitality

Design: BrandOpus

Vivid Vitality occupies a unique place in the lifestyle and health drinks market as producers of matcha, nature’s most powerful green tea. The entrepreneur behind bringing the superfood to the Western world, James Shillcock, wanted to revolutionise the ready-to-drink tea category by creating a lifestyle brand to appeal to young professionals and coffee connoisseurs.

It was important to promote the benefits of matcha and the brand identity was established as a metaphor for the effect that matcha has on the human mind. Through bold and colourful design, they have been able to stand out in an incredibly congested market place.

Over a quarter of a million people have experienced the ‘Matcha Movement’ since its launch and sales reached £600,000 in the first year, beating the revenue target by 25%. Vivid was available in 180 Waitrose stores within 5 months of launch, an incredible result for a founder brand.