Winners 2015/Brand Identity under £100,000 Silver

Project: Twickenham Fine Ales

Client: Twickenham Fine Ales

Design: Springetts Brand Design Consultants

With traditional craft ale surging in popularity in recent years, Twickenham Fine Ales needed to re-establish itself as the authority on the beverage, be relevant to today’s drinkers and stand out from its new competitors.

A redesign and update of the brand was performed to capture its passion, tell the story of each beer and stand out to patrons. This was achieved by showing evidence of the brand’s tag line ‘inspired by tradition’, with hops becoming the crown of each label and a contemporary feel added to Twickenham’s established range. The brand signature was retained, while familiar visuals unique to each beer were redesigned to attract new customers yet appeal to loyal drinkers.

The result was a transformational 123% sales increase and a 40% increase in new outlets, in the four months after launch when compared to the same period a year earlier – all without any advertising, promotion or discounting.