Winners 2015/Digital Bronze

Project: Fyne Ales Website

Client: Fyne Ales

Design: Good

With an explosion in the craft beer sector, Fyne Ales – a Scottish producer – recognised the need to take advantage of the popularity of social media activity among potential consumers. Knowing their website needed to be up to the challenge of supporting a full digital marketing strategy, they started with this; setting targets to increase traffic by 50% year- on-year, achieve a conversion rate of 1.2% and 20% sales growth.

The website was updated to reflect the brand identity, improve usability for trade enquiries and ensure the CMS allowed for quick, simple updates. Perhaps most importantly, it was designed to make it easy for browsers to buy on a whim, minimising steps and displaying product information pages.

Since the new website launch, Fyne Ales has seen a 109% increase of online beer sales – outperforming the market by 101%. It also achieved a 200% increase in trade enquiries, 113% increase in site traffic and 122% increase in search traffic.