Winners 2015/Packaging. Branded Drink Bronze

Project: Rebranding of Robert Oatley

Client: Robert Oatley Vineyards

Design: The Collective Design Consultants

In 2013, Australia boasted more than 2,500 wine producers, with the number of wine products on sale at least five times that amount. In such a crowded marketplace, how could you stand out? This was the challenge faced by Robert Oatley, whose struggling wine range was in desperate need of a brand identity overhaul.

With labels playing a key role for the mid to high level consumer group that makes up 50% of the market spend, Robert Oatley needed a design that would be memorable and striking, while also lowering the very high production cost of their existing packaging.

Taking inspiration from Bob Oatley’s reputation as a champion yachtsman, the new label featured a simple yet distinctive blue pennant. This clean and contemporary design resulted in a 52% reduction in label costs, and an incredible 301% increase in the number of cases sold over 24 months – with no additional support whatsoever from advertising or promotions.