Winners 2015/Packaging. Branded Drink Gold

Project: Thwaites Crafty Dan

Client: Daniel Thwaites

Design: WPA Pinfold

Since 2012, Thwaites has made a loss and gone through three phases of redundancy, culminating in the closure of its main brewery in March 2014, with brewing of its main beers contracted out. The new range of Crafty Dan beers, from their micro-brewery, were needed to help redevelop and reposition the brewery for future success and profitability.

The Crafty Dan beers range combines the best of the traditional European beers and the bigger and bolder American rivals. Each design has a clear definition of its beer style and supporting copy emphasises the ingredients and flavours.

The beers were launched in January 2014 and have given Thwaites a firm foothold in the new craft beer keg sector. Exports have been established in nine markets and the range has achieved fantastic margins per barrel, with packaged margins doubled and per keg margin up 15%. The new range has reinvigorated Thwaites’ customer base and given staff huge optimism for the future.