Winners 2015/Packaging. Branded Drink Gold

Project: Johnnie Walker Collection

Client: Diageo

Design: Lewis Moberly

The Johnnie Walker Collection (JW Collection) comprises a range of 20cl premium Scotch whisky bottles housed in an attractive outer pack. Global Travel Retail sales are a major contributor to revenue for Diageo. They requested a redesign to solve concerns over the packaging quality, and also to heighten the product’s premium feel and boost revenue in this environment following a price increase. Using consumer insights, the redesign succeeded in raising perceptions of the collection, while its variety – which includes the prestigious JW Blue Label – was emphasised through subtle design cues. This invited buyers to compare and contrast each blend, enhancing its appeal to self-buyers and those purchasing a status gift.

In the year following the redesign, net sales value soared by 112%, with net sales value per case jumping by 51%. Sales volume also increased by an excellent 40%, even as growth in the Scotch whisky market shrunk by -0.8%.