Winners 2015/Packaging. Branded Food Gold

Project: Müller Corner Rebrand

Client: Müller Dairy

Design: Coley Porter Bell

By 2010 the power of the Müller brand was falling under fierce competition. The wall of blue brand blocking strategy was acting as a signpost but failing to invite people in.

The food industry had been revolutionised in recent years and the re-design needed to reflect deliciousness in all that it did. It needed to look utterly ‘Müllerlicious’. The new design is more enticing, with subtle changes of tone across each sub-range providing a distinct personality and making differentiation of product far easier to notice.

The results are plain to see, with Müller hitting all of their pre-defined objectives. Müller Corner returned back to the number one brand in the chilled yoghurt and pot dessert market, with a 10.3% value share and a £13m year-on-year increase in sales. The design and packaging now works hand in hand with advertising to deliver an easy to navigate, delicious looking range.