Winners 2015/Packaging. Branded Food Silver

Project: MaltEaster Bunny Easter Treat

Client: Mars Chocolate UK

Design: Brandhouse, Kinneir Dufort, Matter Studio & Mars Design – Industrial Design Team

With the Easter Self-Eat market dominated by one brand with little variety to consumers, Mars Chocolate UK introduced Maltesers MaltEaster in 2009.

The brief was to disrupt the market by producing something that portrayed the well-recognised attributes of the Maltesers brand. The design needed to be fun and novel, standing out through inspired graphics and structure. The ultimate design result was an exceptional moulded cream- filled chocolate form that stands neatly upright, encouraging impulse purchase.

Five years since the launch the MaltEaster bunny range is still seeing year-on-year growth, gaining more in-store space. The range has grown considerably within season and into additional seasons, with the Merryteaser Reindeer product launched for Christmas 2013.

The MaltEaster is considered ‘Best in Class’ by Mars and has inspired future projects. The bunny brought 246,000 new customers to the Easter Self-Eat segment of the market and reinforced to the trade that Mars could deliver successful seasonal propositions.