Winners 2015/Packaging. Branded Food Bronze

Project: Satisfying the Nation

Client: Ginsters

Design: Smith & Milton

Satisfying the nation is no easy feat, but that is what Ginsters set out to do in their long term brand regeneration plan. They wanted a more premium position, reflecting the quality of the food based on locally sourced ingredients.

Ginsters relies heavily on its packaging to attract attention, which is why the design of the brand refocus was critical. The ‘Satisfy the Nation’ catch line was created to identify the brand, playing on its two main strengths: quality products and nationwide distribution. By forming the ‘Food For Hungry Men’ idea, the product was presented as a hero, rescuing real-world men from hunger.

Results have been extraordinary with a 44% increase in purchase intent, a 25% increase in sales in the classic skillet sector and an uplift of 6.7% in sales of the flagship pasty products; whilst one of the biggest advances came in the social media sphere, with an 80% increase in engagement.